“ To make your dreams come true
and create the life you desire,
you need to believe first in yourself .”

                                                           Maria Samioti           


weRelate.gr, is a multidimensional website providing psychological, counselling and personal development, inspiration and transformation support services.

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The welcoming space of the Center weRelate has been operating in Nea Erythraia since 2009. It is an integrated counselling center aiming at providing suitable psychological support services for the prevention and treatment of psycho-emotional and human relations issues, as well as relevant updates in order to ultimately promote mental health and psycho-emotional development and transformation.

Its power lies in the fact that it provides specialized guidance in a supportive environment where visitors are treated with respect and dignity, applying best practices and the most updated scientific data. Our aim is to help people deal with the challenges of life with a clear view, inspiration and strength.

The Sprout of weRelate has the privilege to convey information that touches the soul and transforms, through personal development e-seminars. With the powerful symbolism of the shoot, a sensitive core of e-seminars has been created available on-demand, in your space through a specially designed innovative platform for the purpose of daily personal and intellectual development and networking.

The content of each e-seminar is specially designed and helps the individual to transform their life, health, relationships and career, unlocking new skills and aspects of themselves in 20 minutes a day. Through closed networking groups, depending on the topic of each e-seminar, we promote learning, the assimilation of new knowledge and collaboration to enrich each other’s lives.

Who we are

A group of people who believe that everyone is unique and has more potential

from any situation and any circumstance.


Just like Ariadne’s thread that helped Theseus escape the labyrinth after he slew the Minotaur, therapy with Maria has helped me face my own demons and monsters. More specifically, I started therapy at a very difficult phase during my PhD. I was struggling with a generalized impostor syndrome, unresolved issues with my mother that these two combined, were all bombing my ability to write and move forward. As Rome was not built in a day, it took me a couple of months before I could start developing my own voice, reflect back to my path in life, the things that I had already achieved and face future challenges more rationally rather than emotionally. The overall contribution of therapy in my life is towards the dismantling of huge projects into smaller – and more manageable – pieces. One step at a time.

O. Giak. 32 yrs

I have been doing therapy with Maria for over 2 years. This was a first time experience for me and I have to say that Maria made me feel very comfortable form the get go. Although I didn't have a serious or traumatic issue to address when I first started my therapy, I can clearly see the benefits and results of all these sessions. I feel more grounded than ever before, in peace with myself and life and confident that a bright future lies ahead. I think one of Maria's qualities, besides her obvious professional skills, is that she can grasp the subtility of blended cultures and mentalities and is intrinsically open minded. I would highly recommend Maria as a therapist for anyone willing to deep dive into their soul.

Kat. Ka. 40yrs

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